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    By Guest on 24th Apr 2015

    4 years ago my father passed away, I have now been informed that his ex wife house (they divorced 20 years ago) was held as tenants in common, i am aware what tenants in common mean and have checked the register, it advises that there is a restriciton "no disposition by a sole propreitor of the land under which capital money arises is to be allowed" I now have a letter from my dads ex wifes solicitors advising they wish to meet with me, my question is should i seek or take a soliciotrs advise before/with me to the meeting any help would be appreciated.

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    By Guest on 24/04/2015

  • By Guest on 25/04/2015

    What is the reason for the meeting? Why don't you ask them to send you a letter and to give you the opportunity to seek independent legal advice prior to any meetings?

  • By Guest on 27/04/2015

    No idea it's very strange the email just says they need to meet with me to discuss the sale of the house no further details at all regarding why

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