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    By Guest on 09th Feb 2020

    Me and my brother inherited two properties from our grandparents 6 years ago. At the time before there deaths when the wills were being made out I was young and very reckless so I wanted both properties put into my brothers name and my share held in trust. My brother agreed and we signed a deed stating this is what we were doing. We would now like this restriction removed and both our names on the title deeds. Is this something I/we can do ourselves or do we need a solicitor to do this for us. I’m of the understanding I need to complete a ST5 and RX3 forms, but question 3 on the ST5 form isn’t making much sense to me. Any help would be gratefully received

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    By NotaryExpress on 09/02/2020

    It is possible to do yourself though we would recommend using a legal practitioner to ensure there are no future issues that arise as a result. It would cost approx £300 . See PG 73: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/statements-of-truth/practice-guide-73-statements-of-truth Follow the wording on there for Panel 3. Check your names are both on the title deeds otherwise you will also need a TR1 to transfer the property into your joint names. If there is a lender or landlord involved you may need their consent. You will also need Form ID1 signed off by a solicitor (this will usually cost about £100 each) if you're doing it yourself, to identify you for HM Land Registry. Consider also whether a deed of trust may be necessary/useful. If you get stuck or are in doubt, take professional legal advice. www.notaryexpress.co.uk

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