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    By Guest on 17th Jun 2015

    dear sir/madam,

    In 2007 I bought freehold property on mortgage in ipswich in my wife's sole name, since the day one i have been paying all mortgage payments, home insurance, all repairs and refurbishments etc etc not to mention the initial deposit money when applied for the mortgage. although we are still married now that the property prices are gone up seemingly she wishes to sell the property without my knowledge.

    can you please inform me how do I register my interest in that property or apply a restriction against the same so that she would not be able to sell it without my full agreement/consent? or my best option under the circumstance? can you also let me know how much you would charge for that service if you were to act on my behalf.

    thank you in advance.

    s kannangara

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    By Guest on 17/06/2015

    We can't represent you as we are not solicitors and so we are not authorised under the Legal Services Act 2007 to carry out this type of work in return for a fee. To register a restriction you would either need your wife's consent or to prove you were entitled to register the restriction. Simply stating the facts you mention above would not be sufficient as that would require the Land Registry to make a judgement as to your legal rights as against those of your wife, which is beyond its powers. If you are living in the property you could register a home rights notice which would effectively prevent a sale while you were still married and in occupation but it would not in itself entitle you to any money. Really though you need to urgently seek the advice of a specialist family law solicitor and get some proper specific advice.

  • By Guest on 17/06/2015

    thank you very much, that was still a help.

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