• Proving A 75%/25% Ownership.

    By Guest on 08th Nov 2019

    My husband and I own our house outright. I put in lots of equity and we had a paper explaining I own 75% and he owns 25%.I cannot find the paperwork and the solicitor who drew it up has died and the firm is closed. I need something drawn up.

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    By Guest on 09/11/2019

    Ask HM Land Registry for a copy of the transfer, assuming you put the percentages on said transfer. They might be able to supply it. It helps with this sort of situation if you use a service like the Deeds Depository to safeguard your deeds electronically, though I appreciate that's with hindsight. If your husband is still agreeable to the split, you could both draw up and sign a Deed of Trust. Notary Express on 03333 122 221 can sort this out for you. 

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