• Out House That Hasn't Been Recognised Or Marked On The Deeds

    By Guest on 10th Feb 2016

    I have a cottage that I've owned for 4 years. It has a joined outhouse which hasn't been picked up on the deeds or land registry. There's no dispute and historically it (the outhouse) belongs to the property. What can I do to rectify? Thank you.

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    By Guest on 22/02/2016

    Firstly you need to find out if it is registered at land registry to anyone else. If it is then it will be difficult to claim ownership of it and you may have to speak to the registered owner about having it transferred to you. Be warned though, they could refuse or demand payment in return and could prevent you from using it. If the outhouse is not registered to anyone else then you may be able to claim ownership of it via "adverse possession". This involves proving, by way of providing a formal statement or statements that you have had both the intention to possess it and actual possession for at least the last 12 years. Obviously you can't say this as you have only had the property for four years but if you can track down the previous owner (and the owner before him if he did not own it for at least 8 years before you) and get him/them to make a statement covering his/their period of ownership then you can make the application based on a chain of statements. If you think you can obtain statements from previous owners it would be wise to instruct a lawyer to prepare the statements for signing as they need to confirm certain facts and to submit the application

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