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    By Guest on 28th Oct 2014

    It appears that a public right of way was incorrectly marked on the conveyance, what is necessary to correct this error

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    By Guest on 29/12/2014

    A public right of way would not be detailed in a Conveyance, only a private right. To terminate or divert a public right of way requires an order from the highways department of the local authority. These are difficult to obtain and very clear evidence of the mistake would be required. If you are referring to a private right, such as might be granted in a Conveyance, which is a right for a certain person or class of person (the owners of other properties on an estate for example) but not the public at large then mistake or not, you will probably have to convince the person or persons with the benefit of the right to enter into a deed of surrender or deed of rectification.

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