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    By Guest on 14th Oct 2014

    This is a small piece of garden at the front of our bungalow which has never been registered and doesn't belong to anyone, but we would like to register it, please can you help. Thankyou.

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    By Guest on 07/12/2014


    You would need claim the land as your own based on adverse possession. To do so you must prove, by supplying a statutory declaration or a statement of truth, that you have been in possession of the land and treated it as though it were your own for at least the last 12 years. This means you must have demonstrated an intention to possess the land and to exclude all others, for example by fencing it in and by cultivating it or building on it. Your ST1 must detail what you have done with the land. The Land Registry may wish to visit the property to inspect the land.

  • By Guest on 01/08/2016

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