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    By Guest on 15th Dec 2013

    Would you kindly advise me on the following; it is highly appreciated.

    I would like to purchase a house but considering following point shall I do the purchase or not?

    The title being sold is Good Leasehold so Freehold Title has not been registered at the Land Registry.

    The lessor is the Council and refuses to provide an indemnity policy

    I have been told that this could lead to issues in future if I was looking to mortgage the property hence selling the property in future.

    If I procure an indemnity policy for Good Leasehold Title would this relieve me of future consequences?

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    By Guest on 26/07/2014

    Good leasehold title means the land registry didn't see a copy of the freeholder's title deeds when the lease was registered. That doesn't mean the lease can be cancelled but just that the leasehold title might be subject to covenants or obligations that you are not aware of. It can be resolved by presenting the land registry with evidence of the freehold title. If this isn't possible the. Indemnity insurance, which will cover any financial losses you could suffer as a result of the good leasehold title is generally considered sufficient, particularly where the council is the landlord.

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