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    By Guest on 15th Dec 2013

    I'm trying to decide if I am capable of helping my elderly parents register their property with land registry for the first time!! They purchased 40 years ago and whilst they have the house deeds, the property isn't registered with Land Registry as it obviously wasn't compulsory at that point. They are being quoted unaffordable fees to have a solicitor do this for them and I've read it is possible do DIY, and just incur the Land Registry costs of approx £200.

    Would you seriously caution against a DIY approach for registering property with LR for the first time?

    Interested in your opinion and recognise it is just an opinion and not a fact.

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    By Guest on 26/07/2014

    This is something that you can do without employing a solicitor though it shouldn't be approached lightly. The following guide may help:

    The application form you need to use is form FR1 and you will need to list all of the documents you are sending on form DL. Basically the documents you need to list on the DL and send with your application are the same as you would put in an Epitome. If you make a mistake the Land Registry will write to you with a "requisition" telling you what they will need to be able to complete the registration. Remember though that they are not advising you. You might not understand their requirements and they are not obliged to explain them.

    You must be extremely careful not to lose the deeds. Only post them by special delivery.

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