• Filled In Ditch

    By Guest on 27th Aug 2014

    we filled a ditch in on the side of our property in 2001 but we have never registered this i am nw selling and it has come up

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    By Guest on 30/08/2014

    If you are saying that the ditch is additional land outside of your property boundary that you don't own then as you have occupied it for more than 12 years you may be able to obtain ownership of the land by adverse possession. First it needs to clear to an independent observer that you have during the past 12 years intended to treat the land as your own. If so you need to establish if the owner of the land is registered by doing a Search of the Index Map with Land Registry. You can then make an application to register the land in your name and can then include it in the sale to your buyer. For more help search this site for "adverse possession".

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