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    By Guest on 22nd Jun 2015

    My ex-wife and I have a mortgage together on our matrimonial home. My ex-wife moved out in April 2010 and as part of the divorce proceedings we have a deed that exempts her from paying the mortgage and me from paying rent etc, but that I can sell the house and keep any proceeds. The deed states that I need this in writing (which I have).

    However, having just read the Land Registry document I wanted to make sure this was the case. It reads:

    Restriction: No disposition by the proprietors of the registered estate is to be registered unless one or more of them makes a statutory declaration or statement of truth, or their conveyancer gives a certificate, that teh disposition is in accordance with the Deed dated 17 October 2011 and made between xxx and xxx or some cariation thereof referred to in the declaration, statement or certificate.

    Can you help?

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