• Selling My House (no Mortgage)

    By Guest on 06th Sep 2014

    Hi, am selling my outright owned house to a friend for cash. There are no other parties involved in the transaction. Have filled in the TR1. What other forms do I need to send to Land Registry? Thanks

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    By Guest on 06/09/2014

    For any party (i.e. buyer and seller in this case) not represented by a solicitor you will need to submit for ID1 (or rather, your buyer will). See the following link:


    If the price is greater than £40,000 the buyer will need to submit form SDLT1 to HMRC - you can order the form here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/contactus/staustellform.htm. In return the HMRC will send a certificate in form SDLT5.

    To register the purchase (which is necessary to make it legally binding on third parties) the buyer will need to submit an application form AP1 to Land Registry with the TR1, SDLT5, ID1(s) and any other documents necessary to support the application.

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