• How To Do A First Registration

    By Shazhafeez on 11th Sep 2014

    how do i complete a first registration for a freehold purchase property please? what forms and what documents are needed to be sent to the Land Registry?

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    By Guest on 21/09/2014

    You will need form FR1 and form DL. You will need to list on form DL the documents you are sending in support of the application. These will usually be the title deeds listed on the Epitome of Title provided by the seller prior to exchange plus the transfer from the seller to you and the results of the Land Charges searches you should have carried out. You will need to send the original deeds therefore take copies if you can and send the application by special delivery or else hand deliver it and obtain a receipt. if the original deeds are lost (even if you have copies) it may not be possible for you to be registered as the owner.

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