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    By Guest on 24th May 2015

    Hi. My wife and I buying a house and completion was meant to go ahead on Friday 22nd May. The solicitor made a mistake in the transfer of funds (the wrong account number was used) and we have not completed yet. Could you advise us of what kind of right to compensation we have for the delay. Qe are staying with parents and the delay has not actually cost us any money yet

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    By Guest on 25/05/2015

    They will cover your default costs payable to the seller for your breach of contract, your mortgage interest..

    If they have lost your funds or funds have been defrauded then you are still liable to the bank.

  • By Guest on 25/05/2015

    Not sure I understand...

    The solicitor has admitted their error and the funds have been traced. Why would we be held responsible for their mistake?

    We currently have no mortgage, we sold our property 2 months ago, so there are no charges payable (for interest, removals being cancelled etc) at all. Are we entitled to a refund of any solicitor fees by way of compensation for the awful service we have received?

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