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    By Guest on 15th Dec 2013

    I am buying my brother's house. I gave him 80% of the money to buy it, six years ago. He took out a mortgage, has been unable to repay the mortgage, is long term unemployed and has debts. He needs to sell the house. His mortgage is now £23,500. I would like to do diy conveyancing to save myself some money. The property is a freehold house. I do not need a survey done. Do you think it would be suitable for diy conveyancing?

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    By Guest on 26/07/2014

    You may find that his mortgage lender may be taking possession proceedings and other creditors may have taken steps to secure debts against the property. You may therefore find that you have to pay more than the outstanding mortgage debt to transfer the property to your name. For this reason I think DIY conveyancing would be dangerous and you would be better advised to instruct a solicitor.

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