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    By Guest on 06th Sep 2014

    Hi I was bankrupt from 2002 – 2003 will this show up on bankruptcy search conveyancing?

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    By Guest on 06/09/2014

    Unless an application is made to renew them, bankruptcy entries are automatically removed 5 years from the date of entry, so unless the entry was for some reason renewed in your case the search should now be clear. You may wish nonetheless to ask your conveyancer (I am assuming you are now buying a property) to do a search at an earlier stage. It will have to be repeated later on so will cost an extra £2 but it may save a lot of problems after exchange if there are entries and they are revealed now. I should point out that when you tell your conveyancer why you are requesting the search he may report your previous bankruptcy to your mortgage lender which may affect its decision to lend to you

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