Professional Member's FAQ

Why is my account not active?

If you have registered with us but your account does not appear to be active you should check the following points:

Have you signed and returned the referral agreement?

Have you entered your fees in the “fee settings” section? You can find your fee settings here.

Have you told us which postcode areas you serve in the “Service Settings”? You can find your service settings here

If you registered for a free trial has the trial period expired?

If you are a full member has your monthly budget limit been reached? You can check this here

If you have checked all of these points and you are still having difficulty email us at

How much will I be charged?

You will be charged £3 for every lead we supply. There is no maximum number of leads which we may potentially supply in any given month however if you want to cap your spend you can do so by entering a monthly spending limit here. You can update this any time. You will stop receiving leads once your monthly spending limit is reached. We will automatically start sending leads again from the first day of the next calendar month.

When will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced monthly in arrears on the 1st of the month for leads provided in the preceding month.

Why am I not receiving leads?

There are a couple of reasons why you might not be receiving leads. First, is your account active? If not see “Why is my account not active?” above. Second, are your fees to high? We currently order firms according to the total fees charged in respect of a particular client and we only provide leads to the cheapest 3 – 5 firms. We look at the total fees including any supplements such as leasehold supplements or fees for preparing the SDLT form. You may need to revise your fees to obtain more leads. Kindly note however that it is a breach of the referral agreement to misrepresent your fees in the fee settings in order to acquire additional leads.

Leads will be sent to you by email so you should also ensure that you are checking the email inbox which you provided to us when registering.

What fees can I charge?

You have complete discretion over the fees you charge. Unlike some referrers we do not impose a fee scale on you. If your fees are too high however you may find that you get fewer quotes.

Why do I need to sign a referral agreement?

In order to comply with Outcome 9.7 of Chapter 9 of the Code of Conduct for Solicitors 2011 any agreement where an introducer is paid a fee for referrals must be in writing. The Council for Licensed Conveyancers also recommend to their members that referral agreements are in writing.

How do I can cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time by giving us not less than 5 working days' notice in writing. If you wish to stop receiving leads in the meantime however you can reduce your monthly budget.

How do I control what I spend?

You have the option to set a monthly budget. This can be any amount you choose and once your total liability for a month equals your monthly budget we will automatically stop sending you leads (and you will stop incurring liability) until the start of the next calendar month. For example if your budget is £90 and we are charging £3 per lead then, once you have received 30 leads you will receive no more that month unless you increase your budget.

How will I receive leads?

When a user requests a quote using our service you will receive an email with the potential client's details and details of the proposed transaction. Likewise the potential client will receive an email with your details.

How do I sign up for a trial?

Click here and register, choose the “Industry Professional” option and complete your details. Then choose “Trial Account”.

How do you generate leads?

There are two ways in which we generate leads. Some of our traffic is organic, that is users find our site when searching for various things on Google and in addition we advertise our quote service. We do not and will not offer incentives to users to request quotes.

How many different firms will receive each lead?

We offer each lead to between 3 – 5 firms depending on the number of active firms on our panel at any one time.

How do you decide which firms will get leads?

Currently our system calculates which firms are cheapest based on the transaction information entered by the potential client and we offer the lead to the cheapest 3 – 5 firms.

Why do I not appear at the top of the list of quotes?

Currently we order firms according to their fees for the particular transaction, cheapest first. We look at the total fees charges, including any supplements such as leasehold supplements or fees for preparing the SDLT. Leads will only be provided to the cheapest 3 – 5 firms based on the details entered by the potential client.

How many leads will I receive?

We cannot say how many leads you will receive. This will depend on how many firms we have on the panel at any given time, how competitive your prices are and of course how many quote requests we receive.