About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I hope you find it time well spent. As the name suggests, this site is all about conveyancing. It is a work in progress and I suppose given the size and changing nature of the subject it always will be. The idea is to create as comprehensive a conveyancing manual as possible. I've tried to produce something that can be useful to anyone interested in conveyancing, whether you are a practising conveyancer, student, DIY conveyancer or just someone trying to better understand what is happening in his or her own transaction. I'll let you be the judge of whether I've succeeded!

A brief note on the structure of the site. It is broken down into a number of articles which explain particular aspects of the process in detail. Each article is designed so that it can either stand alone (if you are just interested in that specific topic) or to tie in with other articles if you are looking for a broader guide to the conveyancing process for a particular type of transaction.

Why I Started Free Conveyancing Advice

Like many current conveyancers, I didn't get into conveyancing via the traditional law degree to LPC to training contract to solicitor route. Instead I started out as an office junior/general dogsbody and worked my way from there. What surprised me as I started to learn the trade was how little my contemporaries really understood about the law. They generally knew what to do in a particular situation but they rarely knew why. So I might ask my team leader, “The seller's solicitor says he doesn't need to provide planning permission for this extension built 5 years ago, is this right?” and the answer would be “yes”. It's basically the right answer but then when I asked “Why is that?” the answer would be “dunno, it's just what Jim told me” (I never worked with a Jim, I just don't want to discuss real people). I was never satisfied with this, so I started looking for answers elsewhere. What I found on the internet was not very much. So back in 2007 after I'd been doing the job for 5 years and figured I had something to offer, I decided to create this site .