• Transfer Of Name On Deeds.

    By Guest on 16th Sep 2014

    I have bought a property from my daughter. There is no- one else involved ( no solicitor, mortgage company or estate agent). I now need to transfer the name on the deeds from her name to my name. In my view a straightforward simple operation. No need for searches and usual solicitor form filling etc. How do I do this?

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    By Guest on 21/09/2014

    Whilst I would always recommend that you see the advice of a solicitor, you will find all of the forms and advice you need on this site either on the free pages or by subscribing at http://freeconveyancingadvice.co.uk/subscribe

    I would particularly recommend the DIY Transfer of Equity Kit. It is not strictly aimed at purchases buy takes you through the registration process. Remember that you will need to pay stamp duty on the purchase price and will need to submit the SDLT1 within 30 days of completion to avoid being liable for late filing penalties.

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