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    By Guest on 28th Feb 2014

    I purchased a narrow strip of land from neighbouring farmer; approximately 300mm wide. I paid £2K; this wasn't the true value and worth less than that. I note in the form ID1 that it doesn't have to be completed if the value of the land was less than £6K. I would appreciate some advice on this. Thank you.

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    By Guest on 08/03/2014

    It is true that an ID1 form is not required if the true value of the land is less than £6000 (this is known as the "low value exception") however you will need a certificate confirming the value by someone qualified to give valuations such as an estate agent or surveyor, otherwise the Land Registry will still require the ID1

  • By Guest on 12/06/2014


    You are correct however bear in mind that you will need to provide the Land Registry with a certificate of value from a surveyor or an estate agent.


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