• Transfer Of Equity

    By Guest on 03rd Jun 2015

    Is it possible to complete two transfers of Equity in a short space of time? Removing my girlfriends ex-partner from the Title Deeds with her cousin and after a small amount of time following that remove her cousin from the deeds and replace him with me? Each time the mortgage will have to be updated as well.
    It appears extremely messy but it is the best way to manage her ex off the mortgage and get him to sign over the house.

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    By Guest on 05/06/2015

    In theory it is possible however in practice you may find the lender insists on at least 6 months elapsing between transfers. Also, the lender is not obliged to release any party from liability under the mortgage or to allow anyone else to become a party to it, so you could potentially end up with cousin becoming jointly liable for the mortgage and then the lender refusing to release him and refusing to allow you to become a joint owner

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