• Money Or Property To Daughter

    By Guest on 08th Jan 2015

    I want to give my daughter money and a house to live in. My worry is if it does not work out with her husband would he get half the property? I only want my daughter to get the house.

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    By Guest on 08/01/2015

    There are two aspects to this. From a property law point of view the property should either be in your daughter's sole name or else if it is in joint names her and her husband should enter into a declaration of trust declaring that they hold the equity in unequal shared (which can be 99 / 1). The other thing to consider is family law, since a court may distribute assets on divorce in accordance with what they perceive to be fair regardless of the spouses' respective contributions. Advice on what might happen on divorce is beyond the scope of this site and your daughter should speak to a family law solicitor about both the property and the money.

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