• Dad Wants To Give His Half To His Daughters

    By Guest on 11th Mar 2015

    My Dad is divorcing my Mum as she had an affair. He has only 6mths to live and wants me to own his half of the house. They are joint tenants. Is this possible without the permission of my Mum? She still wants to own all of the house.

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    By Guest on 17/03/2015

    He can sever the joint tenancy at any time by (if the property is registered) sending form SEV to the Land. Registry. He does not need your mother's consent. He can then leave his share to you in his will. He really should do this through a solicitor though otherwise apart from the risk that the will may not be properly prepared and may not be valid there may be an accusation that he wasn't of sound mind or that he was acting under pressure from you. The whole value of the house could then end up lining the pockets of lawyers.

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