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    By Guest on 22nd Dec 2014

    The sale of my house was progressing fine until my buyer's solicitor found out that there is no completion certificate for a 2 storey extension built in 1999. I bought the house in 2004 & had completely forgotten that this came to light when I was buying it, I had a survey done which revealed only minor non compliances with the regs. My solicitor said not to worry & suggested an indemnity certificate. My buyer has now decided to get a survey done (tomorrow.) I was looking through my old paperwork for when I bought the house and found a print of an email from a couple of months before I bought the house from the local BCO-I must have made enquiries about the lack of certificate and he'd replied with a list of minor work needed to sign it off; all previous work had been passed. I did intend to get these jobs done but forgot all about it until now. From what I have read, approaching the LA makes an indemnity certificate invalid. Does this include historic contact, i.e. emails from 2004? I haven't told my solicitor yet I've found this email. In one respect it's good because it shows that actualy nothing major hasn't been approved. But if my buyer is happy with a survey and a certificate should I just keep quiet for now? I don't know what to say to the surveyor if he asks questions about how much I know regarding the inspections that were done at the time.

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    By Guest on 05/04/2015

    Non-disclosure in this case may classed as fraudulent misrepresentation for which you my be sued by the buyer. You should disclose everything. You are right that this contact may mean that indemnity insurance cannot be obtained but given the time that has passed the insurers may be ok with it. If anything it reduces the risk of a claim because the council were made aware of the non-compliance and have not taken any action.

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