• If We Have Signed Plans Approved Buy The Other Freeholders Can They Change Their Mind?

    By Guest on 21st Feb 2016

    We are a share of freehold property owning the ground floor flat. We have asked all the other freeholders to sign off plans before we submit planning as per the requirements of our lease. They have signed our plans subject to structural survey/planning but potentially are going to be difficult. Could they now retract it?

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    By Guest on 22/02/2016

    It would depend on exactly what the lease says but essentially if the lease requires you to obtain consent to alterations and they have consented and you proceed to incur costs in reliance on that consent then, provided you proceed in accordance with the conditions of the consent they should be "estopped" from retracting their consent on the basis that to do so would be unjust and unreasonable. As ever though you ought to speak to a solicitor specialising in the particular area (landlord and tenant litigation in this case) if you are concerned

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