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    By Guest on 29th Dec 2013

    On our property we have a restrictive covenant from a 1936 Conveyance which affects two other properties, that says we can have only a pair of semi detached or two detached houses. We are building in a house in our back garden and want to do a Indemnity insurance. How do I do this. Thanks

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    By Guest on 29/12/2013


    It is possible to arrange indemnity insurance in this situation. It would need to be a bespoke, rather than an "off the shelf" policy because the cover is to be taken out in advance of the breach and so will be relatively expensive (perhaps £400 - £500 depending on the value of the property). You must however instruct a conveyancer to obtain the cover as insurance companies are not permitted to deal with individuals directly with regard to indemnity insurance policies.



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