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    By Guest on 14th Apr 2015

    the office title shows a deed varying the terms of a lease. the current seller was not a party to the deed does not have the deed. the beneficiary of the deed is known but not contacted. Can an indemnity insurance be obtained in these circumstances

  • 2 Answers

    By Guest on 14/10/2016

    Is no copy of the deed available from the Land Registry? If not then yes it is possible to get indemnity but in the first instance you should contact the freeholder to see if he/she/it can provide one

  • By Guest on 15/06/2017

    I am buying a house with no deeds but being supplied with an indemnity policy 1. will I Have to increase the value before I sell once renovated 2 how do I know which bouncy walls I am responsible for.

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