• Lack Of Planning Permission

    By Guest on 02nd Mar 2014

    Buying a property with no planning permission
    Pros and cons of indemnity insurance

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    By Guest on 08/03/2014


    For more information on indemnity insurance you see the following page:


    Basically though, insurance only covers your financial losses if the local authority takes enforcement action incurred in complying with an enforcement notice. This may not be adequate to deal with the personal upheaval (for example you may be left with a property which is no longer adequate for your needs if it has been made smaller by the removal of an extension and you may have to move). Generally I would say that if there is a realistic chance of action being taking for the lack of planning you should ask the seller to get retrospective consent, otherwise insurance will be fine "just in case"

  • By Guest on 12/06/2014

    It depends on the nature of the work that has been carried out and how long ago. If the work was carried out more than 4 years ago then the local authority has lost its right to take enforcement action. If the work has been done in the last 12 months then no insurance can be obtained.

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