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    By Guest on 12th Mar 2015

    if a covenant states : not to carry on or permit to be carried on any wholesale or retail trade or business or manufacturing business or use or permit to be used working machines other than of a purely domestic nature on the land thereby conveyed or in any building erected there on.then separately states not to carry on on the said piece of land or in the dwellinghouse to be erected thereon any trade or business.would I be prevented from starting my own petsitting business.no pets come on to the property no owners either,all work is carried out at the owners home.no signage would be on my property,no deliveries,no visitors , no stock,just me operating a laptop for keeping my own accounts and a telephone for arranging appointments at owners houses.please can you help me as ive got everything else in place I just don't know where I stand with this and advise I'm finding hard to come by. many thanks really grateful

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    By Guest on 17/03/2015

    The purpose of a covenant like this is to prevent the property from being used for non-residential purposes to the detriment of the estate. It's doubtful whether what you plan to do on the property itself would be classed as "trade or business" and even less likely that anyone would seek to take enforcement action (this would have to be done through the courts and could be very expensive). You shouldn't be concerned

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