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    By Guest on 30th Jan 2014

    Can a barn conversion that has been finished and building regs signed off in last 2 months get indemnity insurance against not having final letter of approval from local authority saying planning conditions were met? LA say they wont issue this letter, need indemnity to appease lender for completion.

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    By Guest on 03/02/2014


    Thank you for your question. It is not generally possible to obtain indemnity insurance once you have spoken to the council and put them on notice the conditions haven't been signed off as complied with. What's important here is why they are not prepared to issue the confirmation. If it is because the conditions haven't been complied with then that needs to be addressed. If it is simply that they don't intend to check then perhaps the buyer, armed with a list of conditions, could inspect the property and see for himself. If it is clear that the conditions have been complied with then there is no risk to indemnity and nothing for the lender to be concerned with. If the buyer cannot tell from his own inspection then perhaps a surveyor could be employed.

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  • By Guest on 08/03/2014

    The short answer is no. The council are on notice of the lack of approval and plus the work is less than 12 months old. This vastly increases the risk of a claim and I would say makes the risk uninsurable.

  • By Guest on 26/07/2014

    Normally yes however if he planning department have been approached and have refused to grant consent (or even if they are still considering the issue) then indemnity cannot be obtained because one of the conditions is that the planning department is not on notice of the lack of consent.

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