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    By Guest on 24th Feb 2020

    What does the following mean in plain English please? The property is freehold but there is this entry on the charges register. "Reserving out of this demise the passage of water and soil front the neighbouring lands of the Lessors and their tenants and from any houses and buildings now or hereafter to be standing thereon through any pipes watercourses drains and sewers now being or hereafter to be made in through or under any part of the premises hereby demised And also except and reserving unto the Lessors the right to build into or upon over or under any of the gable or boundary walls of any building to be erected on the said premises on paying to the Lessees one half of the cost of building upon such part of the gable or boundary walls as shall be so used and such part of such boundary walls shall henceforth be treated as party walls And also excepting and reserving unto the Lessors the right to stop up diver or alter any laid out or projected road street or line of sewer on the estate of the Lessors other than and except such parts thereof respectively as are shown in the said plan as adjoining to and co-extensive with the premises hereby demised."

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    By NotaryExpress on 25/02/2020

    Neighbour appears to have rights for their pipes/drains to run through your land and to stop up or divert them (and to stop up or divert private roads) other than certain parts shown on the plan, and right to build into/over/under your boundary walls paying one half the cost of building upon it (i.e. it is a shared party wall). Not sure why it refers to lessors/lessees if it's freehold - would be interesting to see the complete document. I would suggest you take it to a conveyancer to examine fully. 

  • By Guest on 25/02/2020

    Thank you very much notaryexpress, it is our conveyancing solicitor who provided the details without explaining why it would hold up our purchase!

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