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    By Guest on 15th Feb 2020

    I’m currently trying to renew the lease on my ground floor flat and the solicitors fees are horrific, my dad is the freeholder and owner of the top flat, he has offered to give this too me, what do we need to do for this to complete without the expense as no monies will exchange hands

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    By NotaryExpress on 16/02/2020

    You will need a deed of variation to the existing lease (or a surrender & re-grant depending how it is worded) which will extend the term of the lease. This is registered at HM Land Registry on Form AP1. I'd advise using the lawyers to draft it because it could be a complex document if you don't have a legal background and it is important to get it right. Incidentally, you should be able to switch solicitors if you wish. 

  • By Guest on 16/02/2020

    Thank you. Since posting this my dad has now said we can have the freehold does that work in our favour it not ? It all seems so complex ????

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