• We Have Purchased A House, But There Is A Problem With Registration At Land Regisrty

    By Guest on 29th Jan 2016

    We have recently purchased a Right to Buy property from the local housing trust, and we have been informed by the solicitor that the sale went through last Spetemeber, however, the registration has not been completed with the Land Registy and they have sent the application back to my solicitors in Decemeber (Land Registry had a back log) as there was an error. My solicitor advises me that they are waiting for confirmation of information from the sellers solicitors, but this hasn't yet been dealt with as "the person dealing with the sale has now left the company" at the sellers solicitors. My Solicitor has asked for an extension, but this runs out next week and the sellers solicitors still have not responded.
    My solicitor states that the house is ours as we have purchaed it and we have a mortgage on it, but my question is, what are the implications if this doesn't get resolved? Is the house legally ours or does our name have to be on the title deeds? What can I do if he doesn't get this sorted? What if the problem is with the Housing Trusts solicitors, why won't they supply the information? Can we sell it further down the line if our names are not on the title deed?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you kindly in advance.

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    By Guest on 06/03/2016


    At the moment the seller is holding the property on trust for you so you do own it but you will not be able to sell or remortgage until you are registered as the owners at land registry and you are also vulnerable to adverse entries being registered which relate to the sellers (though the risk of this is much less than if you had bought from a private seller). You will need to keep the pressure on your lawyers to resolve whatever the issue is

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