• Two Registered Charge Entries On Land Register

    By Guest on 27th Jul 2015

    We are now remortgaging and the solicitor of the lender said that aside from the current lender from which we took out our mortgage. Does this mean we also owe money on the first registered charge? Even of we were never involved with it? Shouldn't it have been cleared when we bought the house? This is our first home and we thought the solicitor checked everything then. Now they are asking details about that first loan. We feel so lost.

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    By Guest on 27/07/2015

    Sorry i meant aside from the current lender there is a previous lender named with registered charge.

  • By Guest on 12/08/2015

    If there is a mortgage which was registered before you bought the property then this should have been removed as part of your purchase process and should have been dealt with by your solicitor. It May well be that the day has been paid but the relevant documents have not been submitted to the land Registry. You should speak as soon as possible to the solicitor that acted for you in the purchase and ask them to resolve it immediately.

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