• Staircasing A Shared Ownership Property

    By Guest on 27th Feb 2017

    I'm considering purchasing the last 50% of my shared ownership property. Will I have to pay a solicitor again for all the same charges for searches etc., as I did when I originally bought the first 50%? Or is there a simplified purchase process because I am buying the second half of the same property?

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    By Guest on 27/02/2017

    Depending on the lender (I am assuming you'll need a mortgage) you can usually get indemnity insurance in lieu of searches.This is both quicker and cheaper (you can get insurance from as little as £10). The land registration fees are the same though and the solicitors' fees are likely to be similar. Depending on the basis on which stamp duty was assessed when you bought the 50% you may have further duty to pay

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