• Restriction On Property We Are Buying

    By Guest on 10th Jan 2018

    Hi guys

    Its 4.30am here and cant sleep...
    We are so close to exchange its unreal.
    But a hiccup appeared yesterday we were not expecting...

    Apparently there is a restriction on the property with a finance company....
    Now our soictor said that she requested confirmation from the sellers solictor on 21st November that on completion the restriction would be paid and then dissolved, they would complete something called undertaking and the restriction would be removed.

    That was 2 months ago.

    Spoke to solictor yesterday who says that the sellers solictor is still waiting for a settlement figure...

    We have to be out our house by 31st..

    So my questions are...
    How hard is it to get a restriction cleared in a house sale?
    Where in the process is the asking for settlement figure?
    And is there anything I can do because this is been outstanding for 2 months and I feel like we are getting no where.

    Sellers are wanting to pay the debt on completion and our solictor says that she just needs confirmation from the finance company that thats ok
    Surely thats just a letter?

    Help needed...anyone

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