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    By Guest on 15th Jun 2019

    I am about to buy a property but have just been informed that there is a matrimonial home rights on the property and the seller can't trace or locate the person whose name is on the deeds. My solicitor has informed me that my mortgage lender will not proceed with the transaction if the problems isn't sorted out.
    Please, what are my options as I really like the house and want to buy it?

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    By Guest on 16/06/2019

    Unless he has the correct documentation to cancel it (see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/applications-under-the-family-law-act-1996/practice-guide-20-applications-under-the-family-law-act-1996#application-to-cancel-a-notice) he would need to apply to court to remove it. No guarantee of success.


  • By Guest on 16/06/2019

    Thank you.
    Do you know how long the process to remove it in court would take? Just a guesstimate, please.

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