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    By Guest on 26th Feb 2016

    when purchasing a free hold what should we look for in the conveyance and transfer filed?

    Also the property has 2 leased registered on it

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    By Guest on 28/02/2016

    Thanks for your question. It would help if I knew why you were buying the freehold, can you expand on that? Thanks

  • By Guest on 29/02/2016

    yes we are buying the freehold however I have noticed a conveyance, lease and under lease on it therefore I do not understand this.

    What would these documents consist of and why are they registered on the property.

  • By Guest on 01/03/2016

    The conveyance will just reveal rights (such as rights of way or drainage for example) that benefit or burden the property and/or covenants. A lease is basically a very long tenancy which you can't bring to an early. For example if you own the freehold of a flat qhich is subject to a 99 year lease then the tenant has the exclusive right to use and occupy the flat for the 99 year term. He or she can sell it or bequeath it on death. All you can do is charge whatever rent the lease allows, ususally a nominal amount. You need to obtain both leases if you haven already. You can do that via http://land-registry-documents.co.uk/order-documents

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