• Indemnity Policy For Unregistered Land

    By Guest on 19th Feb 2016

    Hi. I am hoping to purchase a property that has a small piece (<5%) of the garden that is unregistered. The land has been enclosed for approximately 3 years. There are no services, or access points across the land. My conveyancer has said that we won't be able to get an indemnity policy. Is this correct? I have been searching the net, and my understanding was that it would be possible. Any helpful advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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    By Guest on 21/02/2016

    It depends on all of the circumstances. If the land is registered at the Land Registry to someone else then I doubt you'll get a policy and if there has been any discussion with the owner of the land and/or there is any agreement in place whether formal or informal about its use you won't get cover. Other than that you should be ok. With most insurers though you have to contact them for a bespoke quote as the standard self issue policies usually rely on the land already being in the name of the insured with possessory title.

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