• How Long Is An Acceptable Time For A House Conveyance With No Chain?

    By Guest on 29th Sep 2016

    A buyer made an offer on our property which we accepted via an estate agent. The estate agent was also providing their own solicitor to conduct the conveyancing. Ther was no chain with ourselves or purchaser. After more than 4 months the sale was aboeted by the buy er. We now have a bill for £316.00. Is the bill acceptable and should the estate agency/ solicitor have allowed it to continue for this length of time

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    By Guest on 21/11/2016

    There is no fixed timescale for a conveyancing transaction and no obligation on a buyer (or seller) to proceed until contracts are exchanged. It sounds like you have been unfortunate but unless your lawyer has been negligent and that has resulted in the buyer pulling out then you are stuck with the bill

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