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    By Guest on 15th Feb 2016

    After a court order myself and my ex-wife are selling the former family home do we need to get separate conveyancy lawyers or do we just get the one to act on our behalf together
    Thi s may be difficult as my ex wife doesn't speak to me some advice please

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    By Guest on 16/02/2016

    The same conveyancer can act for both of you provided he/she is satisfied that there is no conflict of interest. This is usually ok because irrespective of the break down ofctheT relationship you want the same thing - to sell the house as quickly as possible for the best price.The practical difficulties caused by you being on bad terms can be overcome by the solicitor writing to each of you separately. There may be an additional fee for this. If however the instructions you give the solicitor start to differ however (let's say you don't agree on how the sale proceeds shoul be divided or one of you wants to complete on a particular day but the other wants to delay) such that the solicitor cannot comply with one client's instructions without acting to the detriment of the other then he will need to cease acting for you both and you will both need to instruct your own solicitors.

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