• Freeholder Solicitor Refusing To Answer Seller's Conveyancer Leasehold Questions

    By Guest on 18th Jan 2016

    We have been trying to sell our leasehold flat for 10 months but cannot complete due to the freeholder and their solicitor refusing to answer the seller's conveyancer's leasehold questions. Is there anything we can do or do we have an unsalable property?

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    By Guest on 19/01/2016

    Why are they refusing to answer the questions? They are obliged to provide you with certain information according to statute. There are remedies but they are not easy I'm afraid. You could take the landlord to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or you could potentially force the landlord to sell you the freehold (a process known as enfranchisement). First though you need to find out what questions are being asked and why they won't answer.

  • By Guest on 03/02/2016

    Leasehold Advisory Service has informed us the freeholder is not obliged to answer the questions unless our lease states they have to. They provided the leasehold information pack which was chargeable but there were several other questions about the building's conversion, service charges, offer of freehold, accounts information etc. Their solicitor states he is unable to help. We owe service charges which our conveyancer has informed could be settled on completion.

    Understandably we have now lost our buyer and will have to rent the property ongoing to cover our costs until we can resolve the issue.

    I imagine we will have to seek legal help but am obviously very concerned about the cost especially if we are not guaranteed to have a satisfactory outcome.

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