• Does My Landlord Have To Issue The Management Pack To The Occupier For Free?

    By Guest on 11th Jan 2016

    I have a mortgage on a flat, of which the building has a management company that I occasionally deal with and pay far too much money to. I am moving to a new house and my solicitors require a "management pack" from this company. The company say I need to pay £240 for them to issue it to the solicitors. A friend of mine has said that instead, I (as the property owner) can request this pack and they are obliged to issue it for free because I could be asking for it for my own reasons, not just because I want to move house. Is my friend correct or do I need to pay this fee?

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    By Guest on 13/01/2016


    I'm afraid your friend is not correct. There are certain documents from the pack such as rhe insurance schedule and the accounts that you might be entitled to receive but not the whole pack.

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