• Do I Class As A First Time Buyer For Stamp Duty?

    By Guest on 07th Jun 2018

    I am a UK national living abroad for over 15 years. I rented before leaving the UK and am renting abroad so do not own a "main residence" at all.
    However I do have a 50% share on a couple of buy to let properties, which were all less tjan £80k purchase prices (i.e. I own a 50% share which is less than £40k for each property).
    I am now planning to return to the UK and buy a house for me to live in at about £220k (main residence). Will I qualify for zero stamp duty as a first time buyer? If not, will I be charged the standard stamp duty as my share of each BTL property is less than £40k? Or will I be subject to the additional 3% stamp duty as I am classed as already owning a home and not technically changing (selling) my "main residence"?
    Thanks in advance.

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