• Buying A Leashold Shared Freehold

    By David594morris on 26th Feb 2016

    I am buying a leasehold property that has a shared freehold. I do not require any searches.I have purchased the Leasehold Title Pack What other documents might I require? Kind regards, David

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    By Guest on 26/02/2016

    You might be asked to draft the transfer of the leasehold interest. If so you can download form TR1 from the Land Registry site at http://landregistry.gov.uk. you say that you are buying.a share of freehold, is the freehold owned by a resident s management company or is it in the names of the tenants? You will need to contact HMRC and obtain form SDLT1 for the stamp duty. You'll also need form AP1 from the land registry and form ID1 (I'm assuming you are doing your own conveyancing) and you will need to take this to a solicitor who will check your ID and sign it. This is only valid for 3 months though so don't do it too soon.

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