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    By Guest on 07th Feb 2018

    I would like to purchase an auction property and reading a legal pack i find this phrase "not to insist upon the Seller being registered proprietor of the Seller’s Title prior to completion ". What does it mean? Thank you

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    By Guest on 08/02/2018

    It is likely that the Seller recently purchased the property and therefore their application to be registered at the land registry is still be processed or they could be flipping the property, essentially buying it and selling it straight on without registering themselves as owner at the land registry.

    Therefore that phrase means that at completion if the person named on the title deeds is different to the person you have contracted to buy the property from you cannot insist on your seller being registered at the land registry before completing the sale.

    There are a number of matters you should check and therefore best get your solicitor to review the legal pack.

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