• Joint Mortgage But Not Entitled To Equity?

    By Guest on 25th Jan 2016

    Hi, when my partner and I split up four years ago we went to the bank and I signed something stating that if we sold the property (jointly owned) I wouldn't be entitled to any money from the sale (on the understanding that my name would be taken off the mortgage as soon as possible). However I can't find a record of this document anywhere and I don't know what form I actually signed. Do you know what form that would've been?

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    By Guest on 25/01/2016


    It sounds like you might have signed a declaration of trust. The land registry wouldn't normally hold a copy of such a document so I'm not sure where you would get a copy. Were you represented by a solicitor? Are you sure that legal ownership wasn't transferred into your partner's sole name?

  • By Guest on 27/01/2016

    Thanks for your reply!

    Yes it wasn't transferred into his sole name, I'm still part of the mortgage. It was just to state that if he sold the property I wouldn't be entitled to any money from the sale.

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