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    By Guest on 16th Feb 2016


    We need to re-mortgage our terraced property which benefit to have a big back garden with a separate access through a shared drive way (where we got the unlimited right of pass and re-pass).

    We are currently building a new house on our back garden and we are in the process to re-mortgage the existing property, but before that we will require to split and to have two separate deeds:

    - One for the existing terraced property .
    - One for the new house on our back garden.

    Note that the new house will require to keep the right of way through the drive way and also to have access to a side passage way of the existing property in 24 Here ward Close.
    Does this only involve to fill the AP1 form or anything else?

    We already got your quote of £248 through the website:

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    By Guest on 16/02/2016


    The first question is, do you have mortgage on the property at the moment? If so then you cannot split the title without the existing lender's consent. It is likely that consent if granted will be conditional on you paying off part of the existing mortgage. If you don't currently have a mortgage then an application to split the title on form AP1 is what is required. When you sell the new property (I assume that is your intention) you will need to grant the buyer the rights over the drive etc

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  • By Guest on 04/01/2018

    Hi, we have a shop, 2 flats and an out-building all on one property footprint and deeds. We wish to re-mortgage, how can we split the deeds so we can get mortgages on btl basis for each individual unit? Thanks

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