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    By Guest on 10th Nov 2019

    My ex got a loan whilst not with me and apparently did not pay it. Because his name is still on the mortgage back in 2012 a restriction was added to land registry so when my partner now tried to take over the mortgage we were not able to. My ex has no right to any money from the house as he left when in negative equity and not paid a penny since. The loan company went into liquidation I have found out and loan was sold on. I contacted the place where it was sold on and they said they can't tell me how much he owes as it's in his name not mine. I am now stuck as he will not ring them to find out. Meanwhile I'm paying a mortgage that basically if he gets into debt again this could happen again. Can you please tell me what I can do

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    By Guest on 10/11/2019

    I advise you take advice from a family law solicitor or debt adviser.


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