• Removing A Covenant ?

    By Guest on 23rd Dec 2015

    My girlfriend and I are interested in buying a house that is 25 years old and had 1 owner to date.
    My girlfriend wants to convert one of the garages to a treatment room to run a small holistic therapy business from. The local Council have confirmed we can do this via the Permitted Regulations without applying for planning permission and that due to the nature of the size of her proposed venture we do not even need to change the house from residential to business use.
    We have just had the deeds for the house come through and there is a covenant in it stating that the property needs to remain a single dwelling and that a business cannot be run from it.
    Can we get this covenant removed (if so, how) ?
    Also, given the property is £350k we do not want to proceed if further down the line someone objects or reports us due to the restrictions in the deeds and we have to stop my girlfriends therapy business - that is the point behind our interest in this property in the long term.
    Any advice you could provide would be gratefully received - or a number I can call to discuss etc.

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